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We're open for walk-in tastings every Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11am-5pm

We also host lots of fun classes during the day in our seminar rooms.

If you'd like to take a class please see our class calendar to the left

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Foodie-U Wine School

Classes especially designed for food and wine enthusiasts!

Each class is a 1 - 2 hour exploration of a specific topic.

They're fun. They're unpretentious. They're "straight talk in plain English"

all about pairing, exploring and enjoying food and wine. Come play!

All of our Classes cost $40 - your ticket/voucher/gift card is good for any class.

Please select one date that you really do plan to attend.

Tickets are not refundable and last minute cancellations cannot be rescheduled.

If you can give us 72 hours notice that you need to cancel and we are able to resell your seats we do allow you to reschedule.



Wine Bootcamp - We could call this Wine 301 - an advanced class on everything wine. Spend 2 hours with us and we'll turn you into a certified wine snob! Led by our wine maker, Carl, this seminar is the snob free zone in plain English all about wine. Learn how to achieve aeration perfection, how to behave in a restaurant, how to tell if you are buying wine made with grape juice or a bucket load of granulated sugar. The session includes a molecular pairing experiment with a sandwich, the good, bad & ugly wine & chocolate pairing session & the Dirt Road Wine Tour.

Class Dates:

Every Saturday & Sunday




Around The World in 80 Minutes - This class is advance level wine education - working toward your masters of wine! Get to know the finest wine regions in the world and why they are what they are. Explore the most amazing wine regions you never knew were out there. We'll take you on an incredible journey of wine without ever needing to apply for a visa! Learn to tell your steens from your pinotages, your left bank from your right, the world's masterpieces of wine, the healthiest wines on the planet and the hottest new emerging wine regions (including some we bet you'd never guess). Prepare to taste from places you've never heard of and proclaim oooh-la-la as we explore the world of wine in this 80 minute geography class.

Class Dates:

Every Saturday & Sunday




Cheeseology - A delicious, educational and lively seminar on the basics of cheese and wine pairing. You’ll taste cheeses from all 6 categories of cheese with 6 different wines as we discover what makes a cheese and wine pairing successful. You’ll also learn how to choose and serve artisan cheese, how to distinguish different types, and how to taste to get the most from your palate!

Class Dates:

January 30, March 12, May 7



Bordeaux - Guess the $100 bottle - The Bordeaux region of France is the most famous and highly coveted wine region in the world. The Gironde estuary cuts through the center of the region creating two banks: a left bank and a right bank. Come learn your left bank from your right bank as we taste through 8 Bordeauxs. Proclaim ooo-la-la as we discover the differences in favorite Bordeauxs.

Class Dates: February 6,

March 19, April 30



Dessert & Wine - Is it possible to pair desserts with wine? Better be careful, some of these flavors are in definite conflict. While you may be hard pressed to find anyone upset with the wrong wine & dessert pairing (it is wine and dessert after all) it is nice to show off a little knowledge when entertaining guests. Come try desserts and wines and learn why some do and some don't go well together.

Class Dates:

February 13, March 9,



Blending Wine - There are several reasons why a winemaker might want to blend wines: To enhance aroma. To improve the color. To add or minimize flavors and tastes. To adjust the pH of a wine. To lower or raise acidity. To raise or lower alcohol levels. To adjust the sweetness of a wine. To correct a wine with too much oak flavor. Learn how to make your own perfect bottle of wine in this fun blending class.

Class Dates: TBD



South Africa Wine - South Africa’s time to shine on the wine stage has definitely arrived. A significant proportion of the best South African wines today were not being made in 2000. Come take a survey of wines and varietals from a land of stunning beauty; Learn your steens from your pinotages; explore the world of emerging South Africa wines.

Class Dates: January 16, Februrary 20, April 2



Triple Threat Chocolate Cheese & Wine - The class we never attempt all at once ... the triple threat challenge. We'll taste all of our favorites: cheeses and chocolates and wines together to see what it does to our palate. Somebody's got to do it right? Learning how to appreciate flavors, as well as being able to pair them well, is a most enjoyable hobby.

Class Dates: January 9th, February 27, March 26, April 23



The World of Malbecs - Once every decade or so a wine grape comes along that transcends region, winery, or even common sense to become a brand unto itself. Malbec has now joined that illustrious club of brand unto-itself varietals. We will taste and compare eight Malbec wines from around the world, and discover the similarities and differences in aromas, flavors, and food pairing ability.

Class Dates: January 23,

March 5, April 16, May 29



Virginia Versus The World - Virginia wineries continue to gain national and international recognition. Join us for a Virginia Versus The World™ taste-off, as we put Virginia wines head to head with other world class wines in a blind comparison tasting.

Class Dates: TBD



Home Winemaking - Ready to channel your inner winemaker? Our simple seven-step wine making class will show you exactly how you can make wine at home. If you can fall out of bed in the morning, you can make good wine. It's that easy. Master the basics of the art, and you'll be able to produce exceptional wine.

Class Dates: TBD



Club Members Only - FEBRUARY 27

Dirt Road Wine Club Vetting Taste-Off - Time to judge the most incredible wines that will never be found without us. We will be judging 17 wines selected as the best of the best small batch artisan wines by certified Sommeliers and narrow them down to 3 incredible wines that will move forward to possible induction into our Dirt Road Wine Tour. Somebody's got to do it, right???  

 February 27


Foodie U for 2 Gift Card  - Gift Certificate for 2 people to attend any class offered at Little Washington Winery or the Wine Loves Chocolate shops. Not refundable. Redeemable only for seminars. Not redeemable for products.



#1 Red Wine in Virginia - George

#2 Picnic Spot in Virginia

#3 White Wine in Virginia Shenandoah Steel Chardonnay

Virginia Wine Lover Magazine

"1 of 8 hottest spots in Virginia Wine Country - Little Washington Winery has some of the most impressive panoramic views in the State and is the home of the Dirt Road Wine Tour"

Chesapeake Home + Living Magazine

"One of the top wine events in Virginia. Wine Bootcamp teaches winemaker wannabes to taste as the pros do, navigate a wine shop, handle a cork, and pair food and wine fearlessly"

Washingtonian Magazine

"Wining" is OK at Wine Bootcamp!

I learned a ton at Wine Bootcamp. The instructors were interesting, entertaining & made me feel at ease with tasting and understanding wine"

Old Town Crier Magazine

"If you're looking for a unique wine tasting experience, Little Washington Winery is the place to go. It's more than a typical tasting"

Winery Weddings in Virginia Magazine

"If you look at a Virginia Map, you see the fat blue line of Skyline Drive. That eastern slope of the Blue Ridge is the sweet spot for Virginia wine"

Viva Tysons Magazine

#2 Winery in the Region

Best Wine Retail Shop in Virginia

Wine Loves Chocolate

Best Festival - Winestock

Virginia Wine Lovers Magazine

The Virginia Wine Dogs caught on the cover of Novadog Magazine enjoying a sip of the #3 white wine in Virginia, Shenandoah Steel Chardonnay, on the deck at Little Washington Winery.

NovaDog Magazine

The ultimate Potomac Porsche Club Drive & Dine = Wine Bootcamp + The Inn at Little Washington Picnic Basket & the panoramic Blue Ridge deck at Little Washington Winery.

der Vorganger Magazine

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