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Classes This Weekend

Wine Bootcamp

Wine Blending Lab

How to Pair Dessert & Wine

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Use coupon code wb358 to get 50% off of any of our wine ed classes! We'll turn you into a certified wine snob! Mix & Match - Tickets are good for any of our classes. Get the code - click on our class calendar to book future classes on your favorite date.

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  • Wine Bootcamp
  • Around Wine World in 80 Minutes
  • The Aromas of Wine
  • Virginia vs The World
  • Vintners Table
  • Cheeseology
  • Guess the $100 Bordeaux
  • Pair Dessert & Wine
  • Triple Threat - Cheese, Chocolate & Wine
  • World of Malbecs
  • The 15 Rules of Perfect Food & Wine Pairing
  • Blending Wine
  • South African Wines

September 1 & 2


We're having an open house tour for Labor Day weekend. Pop over and check out the newest B&B/winery in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Skyline Vineyard Inn at 65 Clark Lane Washington Virginia 2 miles west of Little Washington up the mountain. We'll be doing tours all day - 11am-5pm



Ice Cream & Wine Pairing Party

at Little Washington Winery

Walk-in Wine and Ice Cream pairing at the bar! Yep - we bet it can be done ... step aside Sangria ... we're in the mood for wine floats! We'll sample 6 wines with 6 ice cream flavors and teach you how to get a perfect pairing every time with wine and Ice Cream.


Souvenir Set of "George" and "Martha" Wines at Wine Loves Chocolate September 1 & 2

Get a souvenir set of "George" and "Martha" wines when you come to Little Washington September 1 & 2. These custom bottles will be available at the Wine Loves Chocolate shop at 353 Main Street in Little Washington for Labor Day weekend.


Special High-end Wine & Chocolate Truffle Pairing at Wine Loves Chocolate September 1 & 2

Our Wine Loves Chocolate shop will be hosting a special high-end wine and truffle pairing Labor Day weekend. Pop in for a visit to check out the truffles and let the Choco-Vino Adventures Begin! 11am-6pm


Take a Hike

up Old Rag


Old Rag is the centerfold of our panoramic view. It's one of the top 5 hikes in the U.S. and it's right here in our back yard! We've gotta do summum with that, right? Take a selfie on top of Old Rag. When you come down bring it to Little Washington Winery on the same date in the same clothes. Show us that selfie to prove you hiked it the same day you visit. What a kewl accomplishment ...  We'd like to buy you a glass of wine!


Enter here to be put into our drawing for FREE FOODIE-U WINE CLASSES, EVENT TICKETS, A STAY AT THE INN Drawing happens the last day of every month


Virginia Versus The World™ - Do you think Virginia wine is ready to go head-to-head with world class wines? Be the judge in an exciting blind tasting as Virginia wines are randomly selected and put up against international competitors in a blind comparison tasting. check the Class Calendar for dates  →


The Aromas of Wine - Can you describe the fragrance of a fresh peach without saying that it smells “like” something else? Wine is a poetic drink. A complex glass of wine can have a dozen aromas and flavors waiting to be discovered. As wine is exposed to air it evolves and new aromas and flavors reveal themselves. Each varietal has characteristic flavors and aromas: Chardonnay’s buttery citrus aroma, Viognier’s floral nose, a French Burgundy “barnyardy fragrance”, Gewürtztraminer’s kerosene, Zinfandel’s pepper and spice, or Cabernet’s chocolate and red berry fruit. Start making greater use of your nose and, I promise, you will discover a whole different world of wine! Follow me with a glass in hand, as we explore the pleasures of using our olfactory system – especially as it pertains to wine! check the Class Calendar for dates



Sunday Funday Trivia at Little Washington Winery!    Trivia happens every Sunday at 4pm. Come play ... the odds are VERY GOOD to win tickets to classes and events and maybe some chocolate or a stay at the Inn!

Skyline Vineyard Inn - our onsite B&B, is a tiny hotel (5 suites) with a personal touch. We're all about having a more authentic connection with the area. Whether you're hiking, leaf-peeping, eloping, looking for an outdoor adventure, or just in the mood for pure silence ... Stay with Us ... we'll make your adventure happen in style! Oh, be sure to click thru, scroll to the bottom and sign up to win a stay at the Inn ... 65 Clark Lane, Washington Virginia. Check out the website here →


Wine Loves Chocolate - our in town tasting room is half full of chocolate! We feature the most incredible wines you'll never find without us!  We have set out to prove that wine does indeed go with chocolate ... if you do it right! Do the Choco~Vino Challenge - We take walk-ins! 353 Main Street, Washington Virginia.  Check out the chocolate →


Come play!  Take A gorgeous drive through Virginia Wine Country. Bring the kids. Come on up the mountain & relax for awhile. We're exactly 60 miles west of the DC beltway at Alexandria and Arlington, 50 minutes from Loudoun County, Fairfax, McLean, Vienna, Falls Church and Charlottesville, 35 minutes from Gainesville and Haymarket, 20 minutes from Warrenton, Luray, Culpeper  and Front Royal. Centrally located just a couple of minutes from all of our neighbors in Rappahannock. Get The Map →