72 Christmas Tree Lane

P.O. Box 125

Washington, Virginia 22747

T: 540-987-8330

f: LittleWashingtonWinery

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Donna Henrickson, Owner



Little Washington Wines are distributed by Siema Wines 703-455-1200

LITTLE WASHINGTON WINERY is tucked right into the sweet spot of Virginia Wine Country high on the edge of Shenandoah National Park -- 60 miles west of Washington DC. Estate grown vineyards and wine grapes from the most coveted appellations in Virginia are used to handcraft award-winning wines.

Carl and Donna Henrickson started making wine as a hobby in the Summer of 2003. Before long, the hobby had become a full blown crush that required vineyard management and winemaking classes, buying farmland with southeast facing slopes, equipping a state-of-the-art farm winery with the newest, most innovative technology and opening a public tasting room. Three properties and eight varietals later, this winemaking duo is still enthralled with the art of making award winning hand crafted wine.

THE VINEYARDS - “Hands-on” is the mission in the vineyards. Little Washington Winery is committed to responsible growing, farming 10 acres of grape varietals, including Chardonnay, Viognier, Vignole, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Arandell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Vineyards are located on the estate in Rappahannock County and in other select appellations of Virginia. The vineyards are dry farmed, relying only on natural rainfall for growing the grapes. Each vineyard is completely individual according to its unique combination of soil, micro-climate, root stock, and varietals. Environmental concerns are a motivating factor to reduce or eliminate fungicide and pesticide applications. Two estate vineyards are at the forefront of industry experimentation with the affects of climate change and protecting the environment in the most sustainable way.

THE WINERY - “Minimal intervention” is the mission in the winery. Sustainable farming practices outside the winery are carried inside and applied to the wine making process. Winemakers at Little Washington Winery assert a fair amount of control when it comes to affecting how their wines will ultimately taste, combining the art of Old World practices with New World innovation. The differences in Old World and New World wines come from the affect of the land and climate on the grapes (the “terroir”) and from wine making practices. Old World and New World wines both have a place at the table. Old World wines are soft, elegant, and tannic. These wines are often much more acidic and mineral-based than their New World counterparts. There also tends to be a lower alcohol content in Old World wines enhancing their ability to pair with foods. New World wines are iconic for their fruity, oaky, ripe flavors and high alcohol. Both styles are found in the Little Washington Winery portfolio.

THE TASTING ROOMS - “Fun & Interesting” is the goal in 3 tasting rooms. The extreme focus that’s seen in Little Washington Vineyard management and used in Little Washington Winery’s wine making process carries over to the tasting room operation as well. The very unique tasting presentation puts Little Washington Winery estate wines along side highly rated hand-crafted wines from around the world. The tasting experience is different every day. Guests are engaged in an experiential adventure to learn something new every time they visit. Tasting classes, geography lessons and food and wine pairing sessions happen every weekend on a rigorous schedule dubbed “Foodie-U Wine School”.