Tiny wineries are popping up along dirt roads all over the place.

  • They're protecting farmland.
  • They're employing people.
  • And, oh, by the way, they're making some crazy amazing hand-crafted, artisan wines!

In addition to making our own wines, we search for the most incredible small batch fringe wines you'll never find without us from small farms like ours. Most of these wines are sold off right on the farm. You won’t believe the wines we're finding in places like:

Idaho, Colorado, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland,Virginia, New York, Canada, Austria, Britain, Turkey, Uruguay, Italy, France, India, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lebanon, Switzerland, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, Mumbai, Australia, Oregon, Washington, California and more!

Dirt Road Wine Club selections offer a sense of place and showcase small farm wineries, emerging wine regions, rare varietals and incredible blends.



20 incredible wines are chosen by our Winemakers and our Sommelier

All wines chosen for the Dirt Road Wine Club have made it through our Curators Gauntlet!

Our Sommelier, Andrew, is always gone. His job is to taste hundreds of wines so we don't have to. Every time he finds twenty wines that are crazy amazing, he brings them over and our club members converge to judge a professional drinkers selections. 

It's Hard work - but somebody's got to do it!

A focus group of 100 club members judge Andrews 20 best wines and narrow them down to 3 that become club wines of the month. After members enjoy a club wine they get to vote the wine onto or off of our Dirt Road Wine "island" (just like that show "Survivor").


Wines we discover in the Dirt Road Wine Club are always fun & interesting ...

  • A White Merlot from Switzerland
  • The wine named the #1 red wine in Virginia
  • A 92-Point bone dry Riesling from Michigan
  • One of the world's best Malbecs from Idaho
  • The rare Sauvignon Gris grape from Bordeaux
  • Have you been doing the SMGs? Hottest new wine trend - we've been tasting all of the best! 

We're drinking great wine and we're saving farmland! Plus, we're changing the way people buy wine.

You'll definitely be impressed as you learn and explore wines made from unusual grape varieties and/or grown in unfamiliar regions all over the world!

Winemakers give us their most interesting wines. Club members discover incredible gems they never imagined were out there. Tasting notes tell the story of each wine & give you pairing ideas for the perfect match.



The Dirt Road Wine Club is the perfect way to treat yourself. Look forward to enjoying crazy amazing Bottles of Wine!


Here you get to design your own wine club just the way you think a wine club should be. Choose monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries. Choose reds, whites or mixed. Choose ship it or pick up.

$48 per batch for 2 wines

$68 per batch for 3 wines

Wine Club Membership Benefits:

  • Learn and taste something new with every Club shipment 
  • Members get discounts on all their wine purchases:
    • 10% savings on 1-11 bottles
    • 15% savings on 12 or more bottles
  • If you choose to pick up your wines you get to enjoy 2 Complimentary Tastings or 2 free glasses of wine every time you pick up at Little Washington Winery.
  • You'll be charged for your first shipment when you join the Dirt Road Wine Club, and your wines will be on their way.
  • Orders ship on the third week of each month.
  • Timing of your wine shipment depends on how you design your own perfect wine club (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly).
  • We'll send you an email when your wine heads your way!

Get in on the fun ... Join the Dirt Road Wine Club!